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My Past

I’m still new at this, venturing into the world of newborn and family photography. Having been a nurse/health visitor for the last 10 years, this was a big jump into the unknown for me. I loved working with families, but for various reasons health visiting wasn’t right for me and so I decided to make the leap and do something that I love to do; whilst still working with babies and lovely families.

This newborn shoot is one such lovely family that I met and supported during my health visiting days. I was absolutely delighted to hear from them and hear that they have had another beautiful, healthy little marshmallow join their family. I was so touched that they would consider having me back into their home to capture such a special time. It was brilliant to see their first little (now big) marshmallow and how she’s grown and taken to her new role and responsibility as a proud big sister.

Siblings in Newborn Shoots

I’m often asked if siblings can be included in newborn shoots and personally I think they absolutely make it! With my own second marshmallow on the way and having supported many families making the transition to three, four, five and on, I understand the worries about how you’ll manage with another baby (or babies). How you’ll love the new baby as much as your first baby and although it may not always be plain sailing, one thing is for sure you’ll have enough love for all your babies and that’s why in my opinion all your babies are of course welcome and should be included in your ‘newborn shoot’.

The Home

I love seeing people’s homes and how they have put their personal stamp on a property and made it their home. I was super excited to photograph this family in their home because I remember visiting them and every time commenting on how much I loved every aspect of their home and decoration. The light in the master bedroom was absolutely perfect with a gorgeous sash window allowing light to flood in and light up the gorgeous new family of four. We ended up spending our whole session here.

Here’s a selection of the photos from their newborn shoot.

Look out for future blog posts on what makes an ideal location for lifestyle newborn photography.

If you like my photos or have any questions I’d love to hear from you.



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